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If it seems to you, that something not so works or also you have not found here the answer to the your question together with your question send me the following data:

1. TV-tuner Model
2. Operating system
3. TV-tuner vendor drivers and their version.
4. All files *.ini from AVerRC and AVerRC\RCS\ folders.


В: Does not initialize a tv-tuner card /f.e. display the message "TV-Tuner Initialization Failed!"/ though it is supported by program. How to be?

О: It is necessary to install the driver of the vendor of a tv-tuner (see the program documentation "Remote Control Plugins" section).


В: How on the account of support AVerRC of a RC from other models of tuners?

О: Support of other models is possible, and I shall try, with your help, to realize support and for other models of a TV-tuners.


В: May i adjust AVerRC for start and controlling of other applications?

О: Possible to adjust AVerRC for start of any application, but operate these apllications you can't (at least - while).


В: Why so slow the sound decreases/increases? How make it faster?

О: For some functions requires autorepeat, for example for Volume Up/Down, Shut Down, Hibernate, Rewind, Forward etc. Use for such functions the given buttons. Autorepeat is made only on some RC buttons, see "Remote Control Plugins" section in program documentation.


В: In the program FMRadio - displayed an empty window - without skin! and without RC - all OK! Is it a bug?

О: It is a bug with pathes for "skins" in the program FMRadio. The decision simple - write a full path to used skin in a file fmradio.ini /in the folder of this program/.

I have:





Q: May I navigate on DVD-disc menu in PowerDVD? How to control it in the best way?

A [copyright © Kulakov Arseny]:

I use next menu navigation algorithm:

After that disc has been inserted I make run PowerDVD by remote control device. Then I push key with "Play" function - DVD-disc begins: logo, piracy warning etc. Now I push key with "Alt-Tab Emulation" function - switch to Desktop Mode and next I push a key with Enter" function - it is automatically show DVD-disc menu.

Start navigate on DVD-disc menu with Arrow keys functions - Up, Down, Left, Right. Push key "Enter" for menu-item activation.

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